AR Apps: The New Sales Game Changer

AR Apps: The New Sales Game Changer

SatoriXR unpacks how and why AR applications will revolutionise sales across all industries.

How businesses conduct sales has changed dramatically over the last two decades, and the rapid advancement of technology hastened this process. The LinkedIn State of Sales Report (2020) cited that 47% of sales professionals utilise technology at least once a day in their sales strategy, and 74% of sales professionals stated that the use of an intelligence tool plays a vital role in closing their sales deals. Technology in business is no longer a 'nice-to-have' but a 'must-have'.

What do customers say to sales professionals indicating their preference for technology in sales? A recent report by FinancesOnline shows that 56% of consumers prefer buying from companies that release new products and services based on new technology that caters to their needs.

Why is this important? Potential customers struggle to fully understand descriptions of products and services when there is a lack of visual information and immersive customer experience, resulting in a loss of sales and potential business growth.

One of the latest advances in sales technology is incorporating augmented reality (AR) applications. These applications not only streamline the sales process and increase your sales and business profits but, perhaps most importantly, ensure that your customer has a positive and enjoyable experience with your product.

Augmented Reality: What Is It?

Augmented reality (AR) is an enhanced version of the physical world created by digitally overlaying visual, auditory or other sensory stimuli using advanced technology and software to improve the user's experience.

AR is a growing technology trend that companies, especially those involved in mobile computing and business applications, are steadily adopting. Global Market Insights supports this trend, stating that the augmented reality market is estimated to exceed $50 billion by 2024. Statista (2022) adds to this, indicating that the estimated number of mobile AR user devices worldwide will likely reach 1.1 billion this year and around 1.7 billion by 2024.

With AR technology being adopted more readily and becoming more popular, many of us are moving away from the preconception that AR is only accessible through the use of, let's be honest, seemingly impractical headsets. While headsets can provide excellent services, companies like SatoriXR strive to make AR's value and benefits more straightforward and accessible.

You may be asking how one can achieve this goal. The answer is simple - through the apps accessible on smart devices like phones and tablets.

AR Apps: What Are They?

An AR app acts as a vehicle that delivers real-time AR experiences. While this article focuses mainly on using AR apps in sales, companies worldwide use AR apps to train employees and carry out tasks more efficiently at work. At the consumer level, individuals who use the applications to navigate, purchase items, play games and more continue to adopt the use of AR apps.

Developers who work with AR apps have the exciting opportunity to tie or connect contextual digital information and animation to the real world. With most AR apps used in sales being marker-based, users can use their applications to 'read' an AR marker (an image or an object that can be recognised by an AR-enabled mobile app and is used to trigger AR features.).

Four leading AR technologies relevant to AR sales apps are:

As you can imagine, this technology significantly alters and, when utilised correctly, can improve how sales teams and businesses sell their products and services.

How AR Apps Can Boost Sales

AR apps have become powerful tools for driving sales and improving customer satisfaction. Sales teams can employ AR apps in their sales strategies, from making products more accessible to customers to providing users quick access to product information and live product demonstrations.

As mentioned previously, the viability and use of AR applications on smartphones and tablets have made this technology more accessible than ever. Gone are the days when businesses required sales agents to bring along an entire product or range in addition to instruction manuals. With AR sales apps like SatoriXR's SalesXtReme, all the sales agent or customer needs to experience the product and its features is a smartphone or tablet.

One of the most significant benefits of AR sales apps is improving the customer experience. Someone once told us that products don't sell; customers buy, and it's true. Products are replaceable, but every product needs a customer to utilise applications like the SalesXtReme app; sales agents can prioritise customer service and experiences by allowing users to interact and engage fully with the products or services.

With 63% of online shoppers claiming that AR has the potential to improve their shopping experience, the prospect of increasing the customer experience on sales calls with the addition of this technology is high.

The AR overlay also provides in-depth product information and allows customers to access certain information (including but not limited to) digitally:

  • Product manuals
  • Product materials,
  • FAQs

This functionality means the AR app can recreate customer support solutions, and customers will need less additional support for queries or extended one-on-one meetings with a sales agent.

Emotions are the primary driving force behind purchase decisions for most customers. By allowing customers to connect, personalise and interact with the product emotionally before buying it, you will:

  • Boost the emotional experience that comes with buying a product
  • Increase the chances of a successful purchase
  • Increase ROI and revenue
  • Attract more customers

AR apps allow businesses to function almost entirely online; companies can revise their brick-and-mortar network and close many physical stores. In turn, this reduces overall operating costs significantly, allowing companies to better spend those funds on other, more pressing business costs.

Why the Market Needs the Satori SalesXtReme App

In the past, salespeople would carry almost all possible product options such as brochures when conducting a door-to-door sale. This method of selling became a tiring and cumbersome process, depending on the size of the product, and caused an impact on successful sales. Upon the development of online shopping, a new issue emerged for customers and businesses.

According to statistics from Invesp (2022), 30% of all online product orders get returned compared to the 8.89% from physical stores; AR apps can quickly solve this problem and reduce the return rate, save on costs and improve customer confidence when ordering products online.

With the advent of modern technology and augmented reality, SatoriXR developed a fully functional AR app to streamline the sales process.

Satori SalesXtReme App

Benefits of the Satori SalesXtReme App

With the SalesXtReme application, salespeople can give prospective clients a detailed and immersive product experience from a mobile device.

The SalesXtReme app:

  • Enables the creation of complex animations and visualisations.
  • Allows for in-depth product demonstration.
  • Employs GPS to allow for localisation and mapping of the environment.
  • Utilises GPS to determine various angles and make automatic view adjustments.

The app allows the salesperson to present the customer with a complete product range in the digital environment and provides users with a highly immersive and interactive product demonstration in the comfort of their home. The customer can:

  • View how the final product fits into their home environment
  • Test different product colours
  • Check different product sizes

These points only scratch the surface of what the SalesXtReme application can do. This enhanced level of personalisation can help build an emotional attachment to the product and increase the chances of a successful sale.

Satori SalesXtReme Application

The app is simple enough for any salesperson to use, but it can also fulfil the role of a salesperson; this means it can:

  • Save you time on hiring salespeople
  • Save you the cost of hiring salespeople
  • Negate the need for training a sales team

The SalesXtReme app can utilise non-linear storytelling to

  • Enable standardised messaging
  • Tailor standardised sales experiences
  • Ensure uniform consistency across all sales processes

Our engineering background and extensive industry experience allows us to enhance app functionality to enable the creation of complex animations and visualisations, allow for in-depth product demonstrations, and employ GPS to allow for localisation and to adjust the user’s view automatically.

This means we can create the best possible experience for our clients every time.

Would you like to try out one of our AR experiences to redefine your business’s sales experiences? Get in touch, and let's see what we can create together.