3D Catalog

3D Product Catalog with Augmented Reality
The satori 3D catalog with Augmented Reality, allows your prospective buyer to :
  • Interact with and understand your product.
  • Enhance her buying experience.
  • Enjoy greater confidence in their choice, reducing errors and returns.
The Satori 3D catalog is available for web, mobile and PC platforms

Needs & Challenges?

Product Specifications
Product Specifications Vs Customer Expectations Vs Presentation Limitations
  • Sales process is a tug-of-war between customer expectations and the limitations of what a catalog can show.
  • Lack of product engagement.
  • Cannot demonstrate full scope of the product.
  • 2D pictures and text are inadequate.
Printed & Web Catalog
  • Not engaging
  • Not interactive.
  • Browsing the website is very tedious
  • No touch and feel
Attention and Immersiveness
  • Lack of attention
  • Cannot visualize the product
Website navigation and Filtering system
  • Takes a lot of time to arrive at required product
  • Does not contain all the required information
  • 2D/3D Cad data is not available
3D Product Catalog

Product Impact on Customer

3D Product Catalog with Augmented Reality
Dramatic impact
  • Engrossing visuals
  • 3D models
  • Point of View
Customers point view
  • 3D animations of theproducts as per story boards
  • An extensive filtering system for hassle free product selection
  • Enhance situational awareness and empirical understanding
  • Retention of knowledge and expertise
  • Gamified Interaction
Immersive Product Catalog System

Benefits to the company

Immersive Product Catalog System
Status and Profile
  • Raise the profile
  • High tech
  • Technology leadership
  • Modern Pedagogy
Other Advantages:
  • Digital twins of all themodels
  • Immersivemodels attract more customers
  • Increased paceof learning and fault detection
  • Deeper learning through interactivity
  • Fewer distractions
Satori Products